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Customers & Partners

How does Gather Automatically Generate Leads from your Website?

It is the only tool that combines Exit Intent email lead popups, lead referral automation, and reward distribution to boost your email list.

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Targeted Lead Opt-ins

Design a lead opt-in overlay that connects with your customers at a time when they are more likely to respond.

Use Exit Intent Technology to reduce bounce rate, and communicate to your newly acquired leads directly by email.

Design and build opt-in overlays that connect with customers on certain pages on your site, offering incentives that are unique to their interests.

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Lead Referrals

Instead of solely relying on costly ads, this is How you can use referral programs as a low CTA, complementary acquisition channel:

Create a lead-gen referral program by incentivising your existing customers to refer their contacts to your list.

These are newly acquired leads. Gather sends your promoting customers their rewards, when they refer their contacts, as well sending their contacts introductory offers when they opt in.

Prompt your customer to refer their contacts after they have made a purchase, when they receive your newsletter, or even in their order receipts.

Once set up, Gather manages your lead-gen referral program for you, making it easy for your customers to refer their friends via email, SMS or social.

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Tiered Rewards

Customers belong to differing personas, with differing reach-potential.

Provide rewards for referring an attainable number of leads, to cover the majority of your customer base; as well as rewards for influential customers who can refer you an ambitious number of leads.

Gather's Results

Our customers have achieved 40% opt-in conversion rates, 30% referral success rates. Gather's unique combination of referral channel automation and on-site personalisation helps our customers exceed industry standards.

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Featured Case Study

Learn how Gather drove 3.5% to 5.6% in revenue through their a tiered referral program

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Industries and Verticals

Unlock Peer to Peer Advertising

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For DTC Ecommerce

Activate a new revenue channel through your customers' communities. A customer-to-customer referral program offers a high ROAS channel.

Launch a new DTC product with a milestone reward system that drives repeat referrals.

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For Retail Ecommerce

Make your retail the go-to for your customers by providing incentives that drive repeat purchases.

Facilitate the opportunity to give their friends unmatched introductory gifts making your retail brand a no brainer.

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For Publishers

Drive newsletter growth with a milestone lead-based referral program.

Activate your highly engaged readers' communities with a membership referral program for your paywalled content.

You're in Great Company

Gather is Trusted by Businesses that are Focused on Growth.

“Gather is one of the best and most useful Shopify apps that I have used. It does exactly what it promises and it does it effectively. Setup is quick and you are gathering leads in no time. The Support for the app is great and the developer is constantly adding new features. If this was a paid app, it would be definitely worth the money!”

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