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Gather's technology offers our agency partners a competitive advantage.

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Gather partners with marketing and media agencies to augment the performance of advertising campaigns. We do so by activating the peer-to-peer channel, with automation and personalisation.

A New Media Channel for Many Clients

Peer-to-Peer Advertising:

Offers high ROAS

Most credible form of advertising (as shown by Nielsen)

Augments the results from media spend

In many cases, offers an uptick in revenue of between 2% and 5%


Media agencies manage advertising strategies for clients

Campaigns are typically distributed across a range of channels

Creative agencies specialise in creating compelling content for media campaigns


Gather specialises in peer-to-peer marketing technology & strategy.

The tech Gather provides enhances the results from advertising, and relies on media and ad spend as the 'fuel that powers the automation engine'.

Solution Partnership

How the peer-to-peer advertising solution is delivered to clients through our collaboration.

  • Agencies collaborate with clients on the peer-to-peer strategy, as part of the overall media mix. Agencies candesign and provide the creative required to deploy an effective peer-to-peer campaign.

  • Gather provides the technology and technical implementation to active the peer-to-peer channel, with automation and personalisation.

  • Agencies collaborate with Gather on the implementation strategy, powering effective peer-to-peer campaigns.

  • Gather currently offers partner agencies a 30% referral revenue share model.

Featured Agency Partners

AndMine is a Digital Agency, based in Australia and Asia. AndMine has worked with leading clients over the past 20 years, like Coles, Telstra and Uber.
Five by Five
Five by Five is a global Launch Marketing specialist agency. Five by Five has successfully deployed hundreds of campaigns and has worked with world-class brands like Amazon, Riot Games and Epic Games.

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