Extend your Audience Reach with CoAudiences.

Gather's CoAudiences unlocks a high ROAS channel, by extending your audience reach to high-value consumers.

The CoAudiences Solution

This is how brands can use CoAudiences to extend their audience reach and connect to high-value consumers.

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Acquire New Customers & Leads at a High ROAS

When acquiring new customers who also transact with complementary partner brands, you connect with customers who have previously demonstrated purchase intent.

Acquiring customers with an introductory perk saves on advertising costs and helps increase your blended ROAS.

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Delight Customers, and Enhance Loyalty when Giving Gifts with Purchases

Brands often give their customers value-add gifts with their purchases. This helps enhance loyalty by delighting customers.

Whether it's an accessory with a dress or credit towards an energy bill; Gather automates the process of presenting post-purchase gifts and gift code distribution.

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Increase Conversions whilst Preserving your Margins

Many brands like to limit discounting to preserve margins. At the same time, discount incentives help with conversions.

What if you could provide value-add incentives to help with conversions and preserve margins at the same time?

You can do just that with complementary partner perks through Gather's CoAudiences network.

CoAudiences Directory

The CoAudiences directory showcases advertising brands that offer revenue share to partners, and perks for partners' audiences.

Access the Directory
  • Browse the directory and filter by category.

  • Learn about revenue-share levels and audience perks.

  • Submit a CoAudiences request to partner with a brand.

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