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From 40% opt-in conversion rates, to 30% referral success rates, Gather unlocks new channels for growing your publishing or commerce business.

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In the first 7 months of installing the app, we generated $100,000 in orders from customers who signed up through Gather. Gather continues to help us grow our store.

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Currently you have no way of Interacting with 95% to 99% of your Visitors before they Leave.

This locks you out of huge growth potential. Consider these scenarios:

Your prospect customer clicks through from your Facebook ad.

They only have 1 minute to view your product page before their lunch break ends. They leave without committing your brand to their memory.

Your customer loves a particular brand you stock.

They tell their close friend about it. Their friend trusts your customer's recommendations more than any type of advertising they could ever encounter, but the friend checks out the product page only to perceive it as too pricey. They leave, never to reconsider; and you have no way of reaching them.

Your reader loves receiving your weekly newsletter.

They tell their friends in passing about your content. Their friends find their recommendations interesting, but forget your brand name and fail to search for you on Google.

You spend $3 for 1 Google Ads click, to acquire a highly engaged prospect customer who adds a product to their shopping cart.

They realise they may be charged with extra shipping costs, so they exit the site to shop around with the intention of, maybe, coming back again. They do not come back and you have no means by which to contact them.

Your customer lands on your site during the sale season.

They do not read the strip banner on top of the page that announces a site wide promotion. They exit the site without engaging.

Your reader forwards your newsletter to a friend because they felt their friend would benefit from reading the content.

Their friend receives the newsletter, reads it and enjoys it. They do not subscribe (because they do not know how to), they get distracted and this concludes your brand's engagement with them.

How we Eliminate the above Customer Growth Limitations and More

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Exit Intent Popups
1 We Personalize your Customer's Journey.

We target your customers at the right time, during their journey in your funnel, with the messages and prompts that match their context. Targeting your customers at the right time with the right context dramatically increases the probability of completing desired behaviours: like an opt-in to your list or a purchase. With strategic targeting, our customers have reached up to 40% opt-in rates!

2 We Turn your Happy Customers or Readers into Advocates.

Instead of solely relying on advertising to drive traffic, we provide the automation necessary to bring you new, highly motivated prospects. This process alone typically contributes 2% to 3.5% extra in revenue.

3 We Reward your Customers at Scale.

We provide the automation that scales unique reward distribution, at scale, motivating your customers and saving you valuable time.

We drive continuity with flexible, tiered reward structures that gives your customers incentives to continually engage as advocates.

The Exit Intent solution not only helped to reduce the volume of cart abandonment by 30%+ within a month period, but it also had the added benefit of increasing our email subscriber rates as well. Essentially not only helping to recover lost revenue opportunities but also providing more new customers who have future intent in purchasing from our store.

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3.5% to 8.5% Revenue Driven by Referrals

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After experimenting with numerous email capture tools (SumoMe, Beeketing, list management software pop-ups, etc) for our store, we decided that offering an immediate on-screen discount in exchange for an email address might have more appeal to customers than other promises/offers. Boy, were we right. Within the first few days of using Gather, our daily rate of email capture improved significantly. Almost immediately, we've gone from generating multiple captures per month to multiple captures per day. The immediate discount also helps to convert sales from 1st time visitors at a higher rate.

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Gather is one of the best and most useful Shopify apps that I have used. It does exactly what it promises and it does it effectively. Setup is quick and you are gathering leads in no time. The Support for the app is great and the developer is constantly adding new features.

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