What we do

At Gather we work with retailers, D2C brands, publishers and partners to increase revenues. We do so by:

Activating the customer-to-customer channel with automation

Activating the partner-to-customer channel with automation

Personalising the experience of referred customers

Providing both technology and strategy playbooks in achieving the above

How we do it

Our Process

The Gather process is built on years of experience, managing performance campaigns for our customers.

We understand your context

Your type of business model, type of customer segments, type of products, all determine what type of campaigns are best suited for you. A D2C strategy will differ from a retail strategy.

Strategy from our Playbook

Our playbook provides a methodical framework for designing your customer-to-customer referral program. This includes selection of incentives and communication touch points. With your guidance on aspects such as Cost per Acquisition, Customer Lifetime Value and Average Purchase Price, we collaborate on designing a referral program that offers a compelling ROI.

Implementation & Continuous Improvement

We work with you to implement a customer-to-customer channel and a partner-to-customer channel; as well as personalise the experience for referred visitors. We work with you on both the technical & marketing implementations.

3.5% to 8.5% Revenue Driven by Referrals

ACAI Refer a Friend program with Gather

Learn about the ACAI's success with Gather.

Founding Team

Who We Are

Dominic Wroblewski
Lead Engineer
Iz El-Bahnasy
Rachel Hawkins

Tech, Strategy and Key Customers

Ashely Howden
Strategy & Go to Market

Ash is an accomplished non executive director for a number of organisations.

Matt Lawton
Marketing & Media

Matt is the Managing Director at Five by Five Australia, founder of Launch Marketing Council and advisor to startups.

Nicole Baldinu
Growth & Media

Nicole is the co-founder of WebinarNinja & The $100 MBA.

Omar Zenhom
Growth & Media

Omar is the co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja & The $100 MBA.

Todd Heslin

Todd is the CTO of Loungepair and Advisor at Point Hacks.