In the first 7 months of installing the app, we generated $100,000 in orders from customers who signed up through Gather. Gather continues to help us grow our store.

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Why your Email Capture and Conversion Tools Should Have Shopify Cart Integration

Knowing that a customer has added items to their cart is knowing that they are highly engaged. If you're keen on growth and profits, your email acquisition and coupon efforts absolutely must take this into account.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Reducing cart abandonment is the low hanging fruit for increasing conversions.

Gather's Shopify cart integrations means you can incentivize customers to complete a purchase if they intend to abandon the cart.

Targeted Email Opt-ins

Technologies like Targeting Rules means you can:

Offer customers an incentive when they are interested in a particular product, receive data on the products a customer is interested in when they opt in to your list & more.

Smart Rewards System

Incentivize customers with coupons. Reduce the incidences of public coupon sharing and coupon abuse by offering one time unique codes per customer, all with automation.


How Gather Works with Shopify

Install Gather for Shopify with just one click

Exit Intent Popups
Boost your Email Subscriber List with Targeted Opt-ins

Design an email opt-in popup that connects with your customers at the right time, when they are more likely to respond.

Use Exit Intent Technology to reduce the number of customers leaving your site, and retarget your leads directly by email.

Design and build opt-in overlays that connect with customers on certain pages on your site, offering incentives that are unique to their interests.

Deliver coupon codes instantly in the same popup when a customer opts in. This entices them to use their code and complete a purchase in the same session.

Set up the Bulk Discount code option to deliver unique coupons, one per customer, and reduce public sharing of your discount codes.

Understand the Performance of your Campaigns

With no extra effort, receive an indication of how well your campaign is running, with the numbers that matter. They are:

Number of views of your popup and the number of signups.

Most importantly, the order value of customers who signed up through Gather. Gather uniquely reads these numbers directly from your Shopify account.

Referral Campiagns

Cart Abandonment Popup
Incentivize your Visitors to Take Desired Actions on your Site

Let's say you paid a premium to acquire a customer from an Adwords campaign.

You do not want to loose that customer. If they show signs of exiting, Gather can incentivize them with an offer.

You can set Gather to connect with customers who only come from Google and who have added more than one item to the cart.

Gather's targeting rules help you prevent cart abandonment, as well as prevents the giveaways of unnecessary discounts.

Partners & Integrations

Gather Integrates Seamlessly with

Exit Intent Popup Mailchimp Exit Intent Popup Shopify

Gus & Marina are Focused Business Owners

customer who grow their email list

They set up Gather once, and now Gather works for them everyday, whilst they focus on creating and selling beautiful designs.

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You are in Great Company

Gather is Trusted by Businesses that are Focused on Growth

After experimenting with numerous email capture tools (SumoMe, Beeketing, list management software pop-ups, etc) for our store, we decided that offering an immediate on-screen discount in exchange for an email address might have more appeal to customers than other promises/offers. Boy, were we right. Within the first few days of using Gather, our daily rate of email capture improved significantly. Almost immediately, we've gone from generating multiple captures per month to multiple captures per day. The immediate discount also helps to convert sales from 1st time visitors at a higher rate.

Waxmans Gym Store

Gather is one of the best and most useful Shopify apps that I have used. It does exactly what it promises and it does it effectively. Setup is quick and you are gathering leads in no time. The Support for the app is great and the developer is constantly adding new features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is growing an email list so important?

Experian concluded from research that every dollar spent on email marketing offers a return of $44. This ROI is way more valuable than any other online channel.

If you do not own your email list of leads and customers, you are left with a business that is costly to: acquire, retain and grow a customer base.

The email list is one of the reasons why you see businesses launch products and services with instant success. In actual fact, it isn't instant, it took them time and effort to build their direct channel to the market. Their list.

Read more about why growing your list should be one of highest priorities here.

How do I get my gathered emails into Mailchimp?

With a few clicks of a button. Gather integrates with Mailchimp. All you have to do is connect your Mailchimp account, and choose the list you wish Gather to push newly acquired emails to.

If you use an alternative to Mailchimp, Gather allows you to easily export your email leads, with a click of a button, so that you can import them to your email marketing software or CRM.

If your site is a Shopify store, Gather pushes your newly acquired emails to any email marketing app that also integrates with Shopify on the Shopify app store.

How frequently will you bill me?
Once a month. Billing is handled automatically with a secure, SSL encrypted connection, with PSI-DSS compliance.
Does Gather require any coding capabilities?

No. Gather was designed so that you can launch your email lead opt-in campaigns with no coding. All you have to do is copy and paste one line of text into your site's template.

If your site is a Shopify store, you wouldn't even have to do that. Gather integrates seamlessly with Shopify.

Which tool should I start with, email opt-ins or referrals?

If you already own a large email list, you can utilize both email opt-ins and referrals. Otherwise, use smart email opt-ins first to grow your list.

Opt-ins will produce more email leads than referrals. But the key difference here is referrals bring new leads. These are prospects that have likely never visited your site before.

They come recommended and are more likely to convert. Whereas Opt-in leads are prospects who are already on your site (e.g. who came from ads, SEO or social media). Instead of loosing them, Gather gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with them.

Referrals gives you a much more cost effective, alternative or compliment to advertising.

Iz, Founder of Gather

Why we Built Gather

Over 2 years ago, I built the initial version of Gather to first help a friend grow their ecommerce business. They could not find a solution in the market that met their needs.

Upon their success with Gather, my team and I continued developing Gather to serve the needs of the wider business community. Since the inception of Gather, we carried through a unique way of developing products. Which is: Working closely in collaboration with our customers.

We are a team that cares. It means the world to us when we realise, with you, the continuous results you get from Gather: the flourishing of your business and the growth of one of the most important assets: Your email subscriber list.

I am super keen for you to get up and running with Gather. To give you confidence in our product, I would like to offer you a 110% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results Gather is delivering within the first month of joining.

Iz - Founder Gather