The Exit Intent solution not only helped to reduce the volume of cart abandonment by 30%+ within a month period, but it also had the added benefit of increasing our email subscriber rates as well. Essentially not only helping to recover lost revenue opportunities but also providing more new customers who have future intent in purchasing from our store.

Aaron Kay - The Swank Store
Aaron Kay - Creative Director,

How do Exit Intent Overlay Popups Work?

They detect when a customer signifies that they are leaving your site, and incentivizes them to stay and convert.

They help your site recover otherwise lost visitors and convert them to customers, as well as a contact you can keep in touch with.

Exit Intent for List Growth

Exit Intent opt in forms recover otherwise abandoning visitors and helps convert them to subscribers.

Exit Intent for Increasing Conversions

Incentivize customers to make the sale, instead of leaving your site by offering them exit offers. This helps increase your conversion rates.

Targeted Exit Intent for precision marketing

Gather's targeting rules help you target your exit offers and incentives to the appropriate customer segment.


A Use Case for Gather's Exit Intent Technology

Exit Intent Popups
Create a campaign to target visitors on a popular blog post you have

with Gather's targeting rules, set the popup to only appear when a user is on your popular blog post.

Use Exit Intent technology for your popup to appear when your visitor shows signs of leaving your site.

incentivize your visitor to subscribing to your email list with an offer, and some copy on how they would benefit.

Instead of relying heavily on costly ads, this is how you can use Gather instead

Create a lead referral campaign by incentivizing your existing customers to refer their friends to your list.

Using Gather's Targeting Rules, set a popup to appear on an order confirmation page (after you customer has made a purchase).

Set the popup to use exit intent technology.

When your customer exits, they will be presented with an offer to enter a competition by referring their friends. The offer would also reward their friends for joining.

Referral Campiagns

Cart Abandonment Popup
Increase your conversions by reducing cart abandonment

Use Gather targeting rules for Shopify. Set a popup to appear only when a customer has items in their cart.

If a customer shows signs of exiting your site, use Gather's exit intent technology to offer them a discount on their cart items.

This helps customers complete the sale, and sometimes it incentivizes customers to add more items to the cart!

Smart cart integration is one of many attributes that differentiates Gather from conventional opt-in services.

Partners & Integrations

Gather Integrates Seamlessly with

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You are in Great Company

Gather is Trusted by Businesses that are Focused on Growth

After experimenting with numerous email capture tools (SumoMe, Beeketing, list management software pop-ups, etc) for our store, we decided that offering an immediate on-screen discount in exchange for an email address might have more appeal to customers than other promises/offers. Boy, were we right. Within the first few days of using Gather, our daily rate of email capture improved significantly. Almost immediately, we've gone from generating multiple captures per month to multiple captures per day. The immediate discount also helps to convert sales from 1st time visitors at a higher rate.

Waxmans Gym Store

Gather is one of the best and most useful Shopify apps that I have used. It does exactly what it promises and it does it effectively. Setup is quick and you are gathering leads in no time. The Support for the app is great and the developer is constantly adding new features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is growing an email list so important?

Experian concluded from research that every dollar spent on email marketing offers a return of $44. This ROI is way more valuable than any other online channel.

If you do not own your email list of leads and customers, you are left with a business that is costly to: acquire, retain and grow a customer base.

The email list is one of the reasons why you see businesses launch products and services with instant success. In actual fact, it isn't instant, it took them time and effort to build their direct channel to the market. Their list.

Read more about why growing your list should be one of highest priorities here.

How do I get my gathered emails into Mailchimp?

With a few clicks of a button. Gather integrates with Mailchimp. All you have to do is connect your Mailchimp account, and choose the list you wish Gather to push newly acquired emails to.

If you use an alternative to Mailchimp, Gather allows you to easily export your email leads, with a click of a button, so that you can import them to your email marketing software or CRM.

If your site is a Shopify store, Gather pushes your newly acquired emails to any email marketing app that also integrates with Shopify on the Shopify app store.

How frequently will you bill me?
Once a month. Billing is handled automatically with a secure, SSL encrypted connection, with PSI-DSS compliance.
Does Gather require any coding capabilities?

No. Gather was designed so that you can launch your email lead opt-in campaigns with no coding. All you have to do is copy and paste one line of text into your site's template.

If your site is a Shopify store, you wouldn't even have to do that. Gather integrates seamlessly with Shopify.

Which tool should I start with, email opt-ins or referrals?

If you already own a large email list, you can utilize both email opt-ins and referrals. Otherwise, use smart email opt-ins first to grow your list.

Opt-ins will produce more email leads than referrals. But the key difference here is referrals bring new leads. These are prospects that have likely never visited your site before.

They come recommended and are more likely to convert. Whereas Opt-in leads are prospects who are already on your site (e.g. who came from ads, SEO or social media). Instead of loosing them, Gather gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with them.

Referrals gives you a much more cost effective, alternative or compliment to advertising.